About Tri-Tron Inductor

Sunborn Company Profile


Tri-Tron Inductor – wholly owned by Sunborn Technology Co., Ltd.
1992 set up in Taiwan Taichung City
1994 started R&D for Surface Mount Multilayer Chip Inductor & Chip Bead
1995 increased to 7 production lines
1999 obtain ISO9002 & ISO9001
1999 Sunborn Technology Hong Kong office established
2000 China Panyu factory set up, manufacturing Wirewound Power Inductors
2003 obtain QS9000
2004 all product series comply with ROHS
2005 obtain TUV ISO14001
2007 production lines set up in Taiwan Hsin Tien for Wirewound Ceramic Chip Inductors WTI-0402, 0603, 0805, 1008, 1210 Series, & wirewound common mode choke
2007 increase 3 production lines in Taichung factory
2008 start production for High Q & High current Wirewound Ceramic Chip Inductor


QC Equipment :

Agilent E5230A PNA-L Network Analyzer 300k~20GHz
Agilent E4991A Impedance/Material Analyzer 1M~3GHz
Agilent 4287A RF LCR Meter 1MHz-3GHz
Agilent 4286A LCR Meter
Agilent 4285A LCR Meter
Agilent 4338A Mill-ohm Meter
Agilent 6632B DC Power Supply
Nikon Microscope Me 600
Nikon Digital Camera Coolpix910
Image-pro Plus Software
Hung Ta Vertical Tensile Tester HI-8115B
Brook Field Programmable RBDV-II+Viscometer
Brook Field Programmable HBDV-III Viscometer
Giant-Force Temp. & Humidity Chamber GTH-099-40-2P
Gen3 System Must System2+ Wetting Balance


Company Policy & Strategy :

In order to cope with a new economic world, ie. fast information flow with the popularity of Internet & competitive environment, we believe we have to speed up more of the following to satisfy customer requirement in order to get along with the fast changing world :


1. Quality : - To be compatible with other reputable manufacturers.
2. Competitive Price : - Review constantly with parts suppliers to achieve cost down
3. Leadtime : - Shorten the leadtime by keeping reasonable material stock - Set up efficient forwarding channels



- Cross reference service. To provide our P/N & specification compatible to other manufacturers's.
- Provide quotation in time according to customer request
- Satisfy customer's requested sample quantity & sample delivery date.
- Provide technical support for product application


Achievements :

Since the mid of 2005, all our Inductors are manufactured according to Rohs requirements.
With mature & professional technology, our production facilities has been successfully in providing the following products lines:


- Multilayer Ferrite Chip Inductor (Size : 0603~1812, 0.047uH~220uH)
- Multilayer Ferrite Chip Bead (Size: 0402~1812, 10Ω~3000Ω)
- Multilayer Ferrite Chip Bead Array (Size : 0804 & 1206, 60Ω~1000Ω)
- GHz High Frequency Ferrite Chip Bead (Size : 0402 & 0603)
- Multilayer Ceramic Chip Inductor (Size : 0402~0805, 1~680nH)
- Wire wound Ceramic Chip Inductor (Size : 0402~1210, 1nH~47uH)
- Molded Wire Wound Chip Inductor (Size : 1008~1812, 0.1uH~1000uH)
- Chip Common Choke (Size : 0805 & 1206, 60Ω~1000Ω)
- SMD Power Inductor 0.33uH (16A) ~10000uH (0.02A)


With operations manufacturing facilities located in both Taiwan, we supply variety of products in wide range of products' application such as:


Digital Camera
Medical & Health products
MP3 / Discman
Computer & PDA
Telecommunication products
In 2008, our production capacities had reached the following volume:

- SMD Ferrite Chip Beads (295 KKPcs per month)
- SMD Multilayer Chip Inductor (Ceramic & Ferrite Type) (105 KKPcs per month)
- SMD Wirewound Chip Inductor (Ceramic & Ferrite Type) (25 KKPcs per month)
- SMD Power Inductor (Unshielded & Shielded Type) (20 KKPcs per month)

Apart from the production volume mentioned above, our factory has tried the most effort in continuous improvement, enhanced research and development. Focusing on the products creation and development, it makes our factory maintaining in both product's diversity and quality with reasonable price.
We welcome all well-established companies to contact us for details, and we believe we will be your best choice of business partner.