General Purpose

What is General Purpose Rectifier?

Semiconductor diodes are two-terminal solid-state devices having asymmetrical voltage-current characteristics. General Purpose Rectifier ; with Reverse Recovery Time (Trr) > 500 ns, is the basic class of products in the diode family. Because of their predominant rectifying qualities, they are primarily used for power or signal conditioning in a variety of applications. This can range from high power output rectifier applications to low power signal or switching rectifier requirements.

Surface Mount Devices

Part Number Package Io VRRM IFSM
DS1A~DS1M SOD-123FL 1.0A 50V~1000V 25A
S07A~S07M SOD-123 1.0A 50V~1000V 25A
SM4001~SM4007 MELF (DO-213AB) 1.0A 50V~1000V 30A
M1~M7 SMA (DO-214AC) 1.0A 50V~1000V 30A
S1A~S1M SMA (DO-214AC) 1.0A 50V~1000V 30A
M13~M20 SMA (DO-214AC) 1.0A 1300V~2000V 30A
BYG10D-BYG10Y SMA (DO-214AC) 1.5A 200V~1600V 30A
S2AA~S2MA SMA (DO-214AC) 2.0A 50V~1000V 60A
S2A~S2M SMB (DO-214AA) 2.0A 50V~1000V 60A
S3AB~S3MB SMB (DO-214AA) 3.0A 50V~1000V 100A
S3A~S3M SMC (DO-214AB) 3.0A 50V~1000V 100A
S4A~S4M SMC (DO-214AB) 4.0A 50V~1000V 100A
S5A~S5M SMC (DO-214AB) 5.0A 50V~1000V 120A
S6A~S6M SMC (DO-214AB) 6.0A 50V~1000V 150A
S8A~S8M SMC (DO-214AB) 8.0A 50V~1000V 400A
S10A~S10M SMC (DO-214AB) 10.0A 50V~1000V 200A

Lead Devices

Part Number Package Io VRRM IFSM
1N4001~1N4007 DO-41 1.0A 50V~1000V 30A
1N5391~1N5399 DO-15 1.5A 50V~1000V 50A
RL201~RL207 DO-15 2.0A 50V~1000V 70A
1N5400~1N5408 DO-201AD 3.0A 50V~1000V 200A
6A05~6A10 R-6 6.0A 50V~1000V 400A
10A05~10A10 R-6 10.0A 50V~1000V 400A