Zener Diode

Introduction of Zener Diode:

Solid state voltage regulator diodes or Zeners have been popular since the late 1950's when they replaced bulky vacuum tubes. Discrete zeners ranging from 500 mW to 5 watts or less have particularly remained a commonly used semiconductor product, despite the evolution of integrated circuits. High power zeners above 5 watts have increasingly been replaced by regulator ICs for power supply outputs, nevertheless power zeners are still used in a variety of areas.

A zener diode is a specially processed single PN junction that provides relatively constant voltage across two terminal despite changes in zener current. Because of this unique characteristic, it is used as a voltage regulator when placed in parallel across a load to be regulated. In special compensated multiple PN junction configurations, it may also be used as a "Zero-TC" reference voltage diode for very small changes in voltage over a wide operating temperature range.

Surface Mount Devices

Part Number Package Zener Voltage (Vz) Power Dissipation
BZT52C2V0S~ BZT52C75S SOD-323 2.0V~39V 0.20W
MMSZ5221BS~ MMSZ5263BS SOD-323 2.4V~43V 0.20W
BZT52C2V0~ BZT52C75 SOD-123 2.0V~51V 0.50W
BZX84C2V4~BZX84C62 SOT-23 2.4V~62V 350mW
MMSZ5221B~ MMSZ5267B SOD-123 2.4V~43V 0.50W
ZMM55 Series Mini-MELF 6.2V~200V 0.50W
08ZSMF Series SOD123FL 5.1V~200V 0.80W
SMF4728A~ SMF1330A SOD123FL 3.3V~330V 1.00W
DL4728A~DL4764A MELF (DL-41) 3.3V~100V 1.00W
1SMA4728~1SMA200A SMA (DO-214AC) 6.8V~400V 1.00W
1SMA5913A~1SMA5957A SMA (DO-214AC) 3.3V~240V 1.50W
SZ453G~SZ45D0 SMA (DO-214AC) 3.3V~200V 2.00W
BZG03C10~BZG03C270 SMA (DO-214AC) 10V~270V 3.00W
1SMB5913B~1SMB5956B SMB (DO-214AA) 3.3V~200V 3.00W
SMBJ5333B~SMBJ5388B SMB (DO-214AA) 3.3V~200V 5.00W

Lead Devices

Part Number Package Zener Voltage (Vz) Power Dissipation
BZX55 Series DO-35 2.4V~36V 0.50W
1N4728A~1EZ400A DO-41 3.3V~400V 1.00W
2EZ3.6A~3EZ200A DO-41 3.6V~200V 2.00W
3EZ3.9A~3EZ400A DO-15 3.9V~400V 3.00W
1N5333B-1N5388B DO-15 3.9V~400V 5.00W
1N5333B~1N5388B DO-201AE 3.3V~200V 5.00W