Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS)

Introduction of Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS):

Silicon transient voltage suppressors (TVSs) are clamping devices that limit voltage spikes by low impedance avalanche breakdown of a rugged silicon pn junction. They are used to protect sensitive components from electrical overstress such as that caused by induced lightning, inductive load switching and electrostatic discharge.

Lightning, inductive load switching, and electrostatic discharge (ESD) are the most common sources of electrical overstress which produce transient voltages. Transients are narrow spikes of voltage ranging from less than 100 nanoseconds in duration for ESD, to greater than a thousand microseconds for lightning and load switching transients. Transient voltage magnitudes range from tens of volts up to more than 10kV.

When a transient appears the TVS becomes active, clamping it to a harmless level. Its electrical parameters such as breakdown voltage (V(BR)), leakage current (ID), and capacitance should be “invisible” to the circuit and have no effect on performance.

Surface Mount Devices

Part Number Package (Stand-Off / Breakdown) Power Dissipation
SMF Series SOD123FL 5.0V~170V (Stand-Off) 200W
S4MF Series SOD123FL 3.3V~220V (Stand-Off) 400W
SMAJ Series SMA (DO-214AC) 5.0V~440V (Stand-Off) 400W
P4SMA Series SMA (DO-214AC) 6.8V~200V (Breakdown) 400W
SMA6J Series SMA (DO-214AC) 5.0V~188V (Stand-Off) 600W
SMBJ Series SMB (DO-214AA) 5.0V~440V (Stand-Off) 600W
P6SMB Series SMB (DO-214AA) 6.8V~540V (Breakdown) 600W
SMB10J Series SMB (DO-214AA) 5.0V~480V (Stand-Off) 1000W
SMB15J Series SMB (DO-214AA) 5.0V~220V (Stand-Off) 1500W
1.5SMC Series SMB (DO-214AA) 6.8V~91V (Breakdown) 1500W
SMCJ Series SMC (DO-214AB) 5.0V~440V (Stand-Off) 1500W
SMDJ Series SMC (DO-214AB) 5.0V~440V (Stand-Off) 3000W
5.0SMDJ Series SMC (DO-214AB) 11V~400V (Stand-Off) 5000W

Lead Devices

Part Number Package Breakdown Voltage Range Power Dissipation
P4KE Series DO-41 6.8V~440V 400W
P6KE Series DO-15 6.8V~440V 600W
1.5KE Series DO-201AE 6.8V~440V 1500W
5KP Series R-6 5.0V~110V 5000W