Bridge Rectifier

Basic Concept:

Bridge rectifiers are essential for any electronic equipment which requires full wave rectification of an AC power source. The bridge rectifier is comprised of four separate rectifier components configured into a "bridge" arrangement in a single package.

A frequent use of rectifiers has been to redirect or steer current flow in one direction for dc requirements. With an alternating ac current source, this is easily accomplished with a rectifier bridge or center-tap dual rectifiers after the desired rms source voltage is achieved with a transformer.

In some applications, individual rectifiers and half bridges or center-tap rectifiers may offer greater options in selective performance features not found in available bridge assemblies. These include high frequency applications requiring ultrafast rectifier components or Schottky rectifiers for minimal parasitic losses in low voltage applications.

Other basic performance features that deserve consideration for rectifier bridges relative to their individual rectifier components are the average output current Io thermal performance needed to achieve this rating, and package isolation for ease of mounting.

Surface Mount Devices

Part Number Package VRRM Io IFSM
MB2S~MB10S MBS 200V~1000V 0.5/0.8 A 35A
RMD1S~RMD7S MTS 50V~1000V 0.5/0.8 A 25A
DF2005SL-DF210SL DFS 50V~1000V 2A 60A
DF15005SL-DF1510SL DFS 50V~1000V 1.5A 50A
KMB12F~KMB110F MTS 20V~100V 1A 30A
KMB22F~KMB210F MTS 20V~100V 2A 50A
MT05S-MT10S MTS 50V~1000V 0.8A 30A
MT105S-MT110S MTS 50V~1000V 1A 30A
TMB05S~TMB10S TMBS 50V~1000V 0.5/0.8 A 30A
ABS2~ABS10 ABS 200V~1000V 0.8/1.0 A 30A
DF005SL~DF10SL DFS 50V~1000V 1.0A 30A
DB101GS~DB107GS DBS 50V~1000V 1.0A 50A
DB151GS~DB157GS DBS 50V~1000V 1.5A 50A
DB201GS~DB207GS DBS 50V~1000V 2.0A 60A

Lead Devices

Part Number Package VRRM Io IFSM
MB2M~MB10M MBM 200V~1000V 0.8 A 30A
DB101G~DB107G DB 50V~1000V 1.0A 50A
DB151G~DB157G DB 50V~1000V 1.5A 50A
DB201G~DB207G DB 50V~1000V 2.0A 60A
W-005M~W-10M WOM 50V~1000V 1.5A 50A
KBPM2005G~KBPM210G KBPM 50V~1000V 2.0A 50A
KBPM3005G~KBPM310G KBPM 50V~1000V 3.0A 60A
GBU4A~GBU4M GBU 50V~1000V 4.0A 150A
GBU6A~GBU6M GBU 50V~1000V 6.0A 175A