General Purpose Rectifier

(DS1A~DS1M, S2AA~S2MA, 1N4001~1N4007)

Schottky & Fast Recovery

(BAT54WS, SD103AWS/BWS/CWS, SM5817~SM5819)

TVS & Zener Diode

(P4SMAJ, P6SMBJ, 1.5SMCJ, P4KE, P6KE, BZT52, MMSZ52, ZMM55C, 1SMA47, 1SMB59, SMBJ53, BZG03)

Bridge & Switching Diode

(MBS, DF005, DB104, KBP, KBPM, GBU, KBPC, GBPC, LL4148, 1N4148W, 1N4148WS)

Tri-Tron Inductor

Apart from the production volume mentioned above, our factory has tried the most effort in continuous improvement, enhanced research and development. Focusing on the products creation and development, it makes our factory maintaining in both product's diversity and quality with reasonable price.

F.E.C. Diode

With our efficient production system, we can normally achieve delivery with short leadtime, or even immediate delivery with our stock for many common items.