General Purpose Rectifier

(DS1A~DS1M, S2AA~S2MA, 1N4001~1N4007)

Schottky & Fast Recovery

(BAT54WS, SD103AWS/BWS/CWS, SM5817~SM5819)

TVS & Zener Diode

(P4SMAJ, P6SMBJ, 1.5SMCJ, P4KE, P6KE, BZT52, MMSZ52, ZMM55C, 1SMA47, 1SMB59, SMBJ53, BZG03)

Bridge & Switching Diode

(MBS, DF005, DB104, KBP, KBPM, GBU, KBPC, GBPC, LL4148, 1N4148W, 1N4148WS)

Our Products

With our efficient production system, we can normally achieve delivery with short leadtime, or even immediate delivery with our stock for many common items.
We emphasize “Service” & “Commitment. We welcome all well-established companies to contact us for details.

Tri-Tron Inductor

Tri-Tron Inductor

In order to cope with a new economic world, ie. fast information flow with the popularity of Internet & competitive environment, we believe we have to speed up more of the following to satisfy customer requirement in order to get along with the fast changing world:

  • Quality : - To be compatible with other reputable manufacturers.
  • Competitive Price : - Review constantly with parts suppliers to achieve cost down
  • Leadtime : - Shorten the leadtime by keeping reasonable material stock - Set up efficient forwarding channels
F.E.C. Diode

F.E.C. Diode

Along with steady growth of Inductors & Beads, we invested in another fast growing component – Rectifier in 1999 located in Jiangsu Changzhou.

Our joint-ventured factory occupied 30,000 square meters land area, with about 1000 labors of which over 25% are semiconductor technicians.